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It’s time to Tweet and tell the world how good we are

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Moving ahead with technology in the care sector has never been easy. Computers still send shivers down the spines of some providers and I’m convinced there’s a brand of mobile phone that’s steam driven used by the industry’s diehards.

Joking apart, just getting people to use such free publicity ‘agents’ such as Facebook is a challenge.

But there’s a new initiative that’s worth braving the technology mountain for – #SocialCareHour launched last week on Twitter

The Twitter-based initiative has been set up as a news and networking platform to get people across social care talking openly and sharing positive experiences and ideas about how to develop the sector as a whole.

Social care providers, commissioners and customers are all encouraged to join the conversation, which will take place on Twitter every Wednesday evening between 8 – 9pm.

Anybody wanting to take part can do so by including #SocialCareHour in each tweet they post.

The new initiative is the brainchild of Midlands based creative company, GD PR & Media, which specialise in the Health & Social Care sector.

Reported in Care Industry News online, Company Director David Huckerby says: “Many social care providers, commissioners and customers we have met are frustrated by the increasingly negative image being painted of a committed, compassionate and ultimately vital sector.

“As such, we were keen to provide an effective platform for people to celebrate innovation, share best practice and explore collaboration opportunities for the benefit of social care as a whole. #SocialCareHour also provides a great opportunity for customers to share good experiences and suggest ideas to those commissioning and providing services.”

Let’s see if we can add to the followers’ list and indeed, help get the message out there that our care is good and our commitment to fight for better funding for all streams of service has not been diminished.