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NCA survey to help strengthen fee negotiations

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Our colleagues at The National Care Association want our help to strengthen the case for better local authority fees.

The aim is to harvest key information about settlement trends over the last five years in in each area they represent.

It’s emerged that last year when the NCA was meeting with a group of care homes about local authority fees in the South East, homeowners there were able to pinpoint exactly what the increases had been over the previous four years and the proposal from April 2014.

  • In this five-year period the breakdown was:
  • For two years, an increase of 1 per cent each year
  • For one year an increase of 0.5 per cent was agreed
  • For two years no increase at all was offered

Clearly over a five-year period they had therefore received an increase of 2.5 per cent in total. 
 Inflationary increases in care homes have risen at 3 per cent each year, according to the NCA.

With an effective inflationary drain at 15 per cent, in real terms the care home operators in that region had suffered a 12.5 per cent loss.

Fired by this financial cameo, the NCA has asked members to take part in a survey to identify key fee increments in operational costs against the local authority settlements.

Filling in the form is a five-minute job and anything that strengthens our arm in negotiation a more prosperous future must be worth our time.

I’m sure chairman Nadra Ahmed OBE and Sheila Scott OBE, the chief executive, will appreciate our cooperation.

Please click here for the survey.