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Branson wins £700m contract to run 200 care services

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There is no more burning injustice today than older and disabled people being denied the care they need to live with independence and dignity, but what is the way ahead for a cash-strapped system that is currently failing to meet needs?

Perhaps one of the answers lies in the hands of the billionaires. But will they repeat commercial history  just like the supermarket chains, which with huge buying powers, rode roughshod over the corner shop traders?

Currently, however, the national/local cost structures are very similar at the consumer end and what the big boys save on bulk buying goes on additional overheads.

I do read with interest though that Sir Richard Branson’s health firm, Virgin Care, has won a £700m contract to deliver 200 types of NHS and social care services to more than 200,000 people in Bath and north-east Somerset.

The contract has sparked new fears about private health firms expanding their role in the provision of publicly funded health services. Clearly I can understand the concerns regarding the NHS, but for the social care sector, could this be a lifeline?

Virgin Care has been handed the contract by both Bath and North East Somerset NHS clinical commissioning group. It is worth £70m a year for seven years and the contract includes an option to extend it by another three years.

It means that from 1 April Virgin Care will become the prime provider of a wide range of care for adults and children.

That will include everything from services for those with diabetes, dementia or who have suffered a stroke, as well as people with mental health conditions. It will also cover care of children with learning disabilities and frail, elderly people who are undergoing rehabilitation to enable them to go back to living at home safely after an operation.

Outsourcing, especially with the NHS, has a bad reputation and it appears the Virgin initiative is a big step towards the empire dominating the supply of community health across England.

The Mirror online newspaper reported that the Virgin deal includes dementia and end of life care and a “hospital from home” service for recently discharged patients.

Sir Richard has an impressive record of successful investments, so I’ll be monitoring this one with interest.

Certainly he is not short of the financial sleeve to bring a large fresh broom to social care provision, but if this is the future, I fear the conglomerate approach will inevitably destroy that indefinable ‘homeliness’ of some smaller residential care settings.