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Investment opportunity: Is this the ultimate care ‘spin’?

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In my job you get used to ‘spin’ . . . the way the truth is massaged to sound much more palatable than it really is.

But Jeremy Hunt’s comment on Britain’s care time bomb as ‘one of the biggest commercial opportunities’ for private firms, is frankly, priceless.

The Health Secretary made the eyebrow-raising remarks a few weeks ago as he was grilled by MPs on the influential Health Select Committee.

Let me quote the report that appeared in the Mirror online: “If there are people who are exiting the market because they don’t like the much greater scrutiny over standards of care, then that’s their choice – but I think it’s the right thing for us as a society.

“At the same time I would also say that in many parts of the world businesses, because many of these organisations are private businesses, are looking at the ageing population as one of the biggest commercial opportunities.

“Because this is an area that all of us are going to spend much more money on as time goes on, both for our own care and those of our loved ones.

“So it’s important not to take a short-sighted approach as to the opportunities in that market.

“This is a section of the economy going forward where were are going to be spending more and more money, both publicly and privately.”

Escalating costs, unresolved funding issues, care companies upping sticks, society’s most vulnerable at risk . . . and this is an “opportunity”?

Oh, and according to the Mirror, the Government had already taken the National Living Wage into account when doing its sums. My head’s spinning . . .