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The new Care Certificate: Another big hurdle

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The new Care Certificate that came on stream in April this year identified set of standards that health and social care workers should adhere to in their daily working life. Good.

It was designed with the non-regulated workforce in mind to enable and empower newcomers to the sector. Also good, though the driver was the Francis Report and that highlighted improvement for the practical skills of care staff . . . and nurses, whose role is completely different.

It is aimed at delivering a comprehensive induction, and indeed, is much better than its former model. Again, good.

The outline of learning is supposed to facilitate compassionate, safe and high quality care and support. Well, yes . . .

And all this within three months induction period. You must be joking!

This ‘tool’ for care is cumbersome, taking so much time it’s impractical as a way in to essential knowledge. I know of plenty of cases where providers are still struggling to complete the induction after six months. Surely there’s something wrong!

Critically, does it really give us better carers? No, and what’s more it’s a big turn-off for sector recruitments.

Where previous induction initiatives were centred on essentials (all be it too regulatory focussed) about each area of the industry which enable people to start work within the first six weeks and then build on their knowledge as they worked, now new recruits have a huge block of learning to go through.

Come on, real world dynamics need to apply here!

So, what have we achieved? We have successfully created an industry running round in circles to get as much of the learning tasks completed as possible in the shortest possible time.

What’s more, the process is costing far more that the previous model at a time when the providers have far less to spend. Failure, sadly is inevitable.

Is this a step forward? No, it’s just another hurdle for us the struggle over, where attempts to wholesale avoid risk by the age-old tradition of training on the job actually denies caring.


Record turnaround for fist WMCA DBS online

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It’s been a long time coming but it’s worth noting that the first electronic DBS check  completed by West Midlands Care Association was done so in record time.

Within just four hours the documentation was completed for Birmingham’s Albion Court which is part of Restful Care Homes.

The association won approval by the Home Office to deliver an online disclosure and barring service in November.

The move followed months of negotiating to secure a competitive deal with an accredited online operator. The contract finally went to uCheck.

A raft of security measures has been introduced at the WMCA headquarters to comply with HO regulations.

With strong support of its membership, WMCA has pushed hard to improve the current delays in processing disclosures.

This should now see the end to the horrendous delays we have experienced. One case took a staggering 141 days to process, with past averages working out at 33 days.

By committing to work alongside uCheck in this fast-track initiative we are underpinning our commitment to improve the DBS experience and we know it is something our members desperately need.

The new system helps eliminate common errors found in form filling exercises which often don’t come to light until the application is in the process system.