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Ratings posters edict seems heavy-handed

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With downloadable options for rating posters now on the CQC website, this is a gentle reminder not to forget the obligation to display inspection ratings.

Under requirements to display, these posters must be “conspicuous” at premises and websites.

Breaches of this regulation can move directly to prosecution – there’s the big stick – without a warning notice being served.

For split or multi-site providers, the posters must also be displayed “from each and every premises where a regulated activity is being delivered.”

Okay, I know people need to know the ratings, there’d be no point in having them if they were secretly squirreled away from public gaze, but no warning prosecution!

The feedback I’m getting is that for such a minor ‘offence’ – remember this nothing to do with the wellbeing of those receiving care – it’s heavy-handed.

It’s worth noting that providers will be able to defend themselves against such wrongs where they are able to show they took all reasonable steps and acted with all due diligence.

One element of the new enforcement policy does offer a glimmer of hope to providers as the CQC’s aim to take only action that it deems to be “proportionate”.

Granted, we have heard this before and providers on the receiving end of such action are unlikely to agree that the Commission is a proportionate regulator. However, in the light of appeals representations, this assurance should be at least a guide to the central pillar of evidence.

Written by debbielq

April 23, 2015 at 10:17 am