By Debbie le Quesne

We need to get the message ‘out there’

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Before anyone gets too excited at the potential headline-grabbing white paper that is doing the rounds in the care sector, it is not of the government variety.

I just need to make it clear, that this piece of work – Stabilising the Care Home Sector and Preparing for implementation of Part 2 of the Care Act 2020 – is a document produced by healthcare experts LainBuisson and is not the esteemed wisdom (I jest) of government research.

It says so much that the industry’s prime player in delivering analysis is now desperately trying to spark discussion with finding that are, for me anyway, terrifying.

I applaud this piece of work, but I note the language is pretty emotive and it’s not in the usual tone for L&G documentation. At best there’s an air of urgency about the work, and worst . . . a sense of panic.

It’s heavy going in parts and long, but in the main accessible. It should be essential reading for every self-respecting MP and elected representative, but I know it won’t be.

It’s our collective responsibility to get this message ‘out there’. In L&G’s own words, the objective is to stimulate debate on two linked topics:

  • What is needed to stabilise those segments of the care home sector which mainly serve older people in receipt of state funding and which are moving into crisis at a variable pace in different parts of the country?
  • How should the Dilnot funding reforms be modified to avoid the pitfalls that became evident in the run up to postponement of Part 2 of the Care Act (if the government carries out its stated intention to implement the Dilnot reforms in 2020)?
  • A third topic can also be added: What new initiatives could be started now to improve the functioning of the care market, within existing legislation and without the need top-down structural reform, on the part of different stakeholders – central government, local authorities, the NHS, regulators and consumers and their advocates?


There used to be a saying locally – “there’s none s’ blind as those who don’t want to see.”

So to put you in the picture, West Midlands Care Association is desperately trying to ensure we are doing everything to make certain the eyes (and ears) of local and national politicians are indeed open.

To this end I’m meeting minister for social care Alistair Burt tomorrow to discuss the viability of the care sector given the current stance of Government.

I’ll let you know how is goes.




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