By Debbie le Quesne

CQC fees: How can they demand to be self-funding?

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Now the The Independent Care Group that serves York and North Yorkshire is calling on the regulator to rethink its planned hike in fees or risk damaging social care. Dead right! At West Midlands Care Association we too are furious and are clearly concerned what implications such a move will have on the sector.

An article in the online magazine Care Industry News says the proposed rise in the fee providers have to pay will add thousands to already stretched budgets.

In the case of homecare providers the increase would be 313 per cent phased over two or four years and for care home owners a huge rise, again phased over similar periods.

The group’s Chair, Mike Padgham, is reported as saying that the proposed rise comes at a time when social care was on its knees and was totally unacceptable.

Quote: “Social care is at an all-time low, with £4bn cut from budgets in recent years, fewer and fewer people receiving the care they need and providers going out of existence,” he said.

“Providers are already having to plan for the introduction of the National Living Wage next spring, without enough funding in the sector to pay for it. For this huge rise in the CQC fee to come on top is adding insult to injury and could be the final straw for many providers.”

And sadly it will be the final straw. David Benham, the chief exec. with CQC has made it clear her wants full recovery of costs, thus making the regulator self financing.

Quite how he has the gall to demand this, knowing that full cost recovery for care providers is not happening with local authorities, astounds me.

I need strong coffee – and chocolate: Always a bad omen!



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