By Debbie le Quesne

Spark of life that lit torch in hearts of thousands

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Our televisions and newspapers gave plenty of time and space to the funeral of a war veteran Bernard Jordan who found fame when he left his care home to attend last year’s 70th anniversary D-Day events in France.

He was laid to rest after joint service with wife Irene – they died just seven days apart following more than 50 years of marriage. I was touched by the whole story.

Here was a man, who on his 90th birthday, days after he returned from his escapade, was inundated with more than 2,500 birthday cards from around the world.

For me he captured the spirit of epitomises the Second World War generation.

Mourners, reporters and TV crews packed St Michael and All Angels Church in Brighton, East Sussex, bid farewell to the Bernie and his wife.

What a great spark of life Bernie revealed to us all as he went to pay his respects to his fallen mates.

He had decided to join British veterans, most making their final pilgrimage to revisit the scene of their momentous invasion, to remember the heroes of the liberation of Europe.

It was timely for him and his escapade a timely reminder that our elderly are a great treasure who can still contribute untold colour into our lives. His spark of life lit a torch in the hearts of thousands across the world and he never really knew it. Please can we have more like him!


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