By Debbie le Quesne

Get the message: We need to promote frontline care

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WMCA Chief Executive Debbie Le Quesne at

the Houses of Parliament

20140710_143747 20140710_125325

Debbie all set to represent the West Midlands in a meeting

with Glen Mason, Department of Health director of People,

Communities and Local Government

“We need to promote the frontline carers” – that’s the message coming from the Department of Health director of People, Communities and Local Government.
Speaking to care association heads in a Houses of Parliament meeting, DoH chief Glen Mason, spoke of the need to recognise how important the role of carers is and how necessary it is to recognise the invaluable work they undertake.
As a representative of West Midlands Care Association, I attended the meeting last Thursday along with other Local Association representatives from around the country and we explained how the Great British Care Awards initiative was an ideal opportunity to honour the often-ungsung heroes and heroines of the sector.
The London trip provided a useful platform to make Glen aware of the issues which affect care providers.
During lunch we also spoke on the mounting pressures on health and social care delivery and discussed positive steps in working together to get the standing of social care to be recognised at least as an equal partner and in some cases as a superior service.
We looked at examples of good practice and discussed ways that the Association may wish to get involved to improve things within the sector.
We also spent time discussing real people and real situations, what care approaches worked and what could be done better.
The group also discussed opportunities to help each other around the country, highlighting things that are working for Associations and things that are not.
Although Glen has a high powered job, he is at heart a Black Country lad, having come from Wolverhampton and been awarded an honorary doctorate from the city’s University in 2012. It was a real privileged to have a nice chat with him about down to earth things.
Since returning I have been busy capitalising on trip, chasing people for contacts and details of those industry ‘tools’ that we can utilise in the West Midlands.

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