By Debbie le Quesne

Dashboard: Missing the mark by a country mile

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I note that Geoff Hodgson, editor of Caring Times, has waded into the debate on web-based self-assessment system, the ‘dashboard’.

He notes that a “few questioning emails “established the following, and I quote:

  • Nursing home operators had not been involved or consulted in the development of the ‘dashboard’
  • Nursing homes will be contractually obliged to use the ‘dashboard’
  • While there was one testimonial from an apparently happy nursing home owner on the NHS Arden Commissioning Support website, the East Midlands Care Association says its members are finding it to be a “struggle, hard work and time consuming”.

As Geoff points out, it’s a fine example of care home providers having things ‘done’ to them without any real consultation.

Certainly, West Midlands Care Association was not invited to the development party and I’m sure none of its member got an invite.

You’d have thought by now the developers of Care Homes Dashboard – NHS Arden Commissioning Support in partnership with Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and South Worcestershire CCG – would have known better than not to involve the very people who are now obliged to use it.

It this was a policy decision, it’s a pretty cynical.

As Geoff says: “The arrogance of these people awesome.” Indeed!

Dashboard’s aim is to provide self-assessment. I strongly suspect at present, it’s missing this mark by a country mile.


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