By Debbie le Quesne

National Care Home Open Day – let’s do it again!

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The first ever National Care Home Open Day was such a huge success it’s going to happen again., The event on June 20,  2014 is about connecting people; it’s about enriching the lives of the UK’s care home residents; it’s about reminding people that those who are residential care are unique,  often intelligent and charming characters; and it’s about the special people who do the caring..

A whole raft of ideas to mark the day is already in hand,  including open days,  coffee mornings,  special entertainment,  memory events,  celebration meals,  theme days and much more.
Each participating home really has a blank canvas to create their special Care Home Open Day., For far too long the care home sector has been marred by the negative press associated with a small number of badly run homes and rogue carers.
This is a golden opportunity to show people what care homes are really about. It’s a chance to make some positive noise – and I for one,  desperately want you to.
The care industry is unique and no-one bothers about it until either they need its services or examples of bad care are beamed into their living rooms in some TV Panorama documentary.
This event has the potential to showcase to the public the hugely positive contribution which care homes make to their communities and excellence in care.
Believe me,  the only people who can change public perceptions are care providers – no-one else is interested.
Be bold,  be brave,  be different in promoting your home. If you have bed vacancies,  put up a large banner promoting the home’s open day events. Get people through the doors and let them see what we are all about. It’s not about hard-sell, it’s about allowing an insight into our invaluable care sector.
On the issue of promotion,  Geoff Hodgson,  editor of the Caring Times,  says: “Considering the cost of advertising,  whether in local papers,  radio or by leaflet,  it seems a no-brainer that for the price of a couple of banners which could be used year on year.”
Go on,  go for it . . . please!

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