By Debbie le Quesne

Jobs galore reveals need for social care

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More and more support is needed to care for our ageing population, either in care homes or clients’ own homes, so says the Mirror – and the world and its wife.

In fact Skills for Care estimates that “adult social care alone, which already employs 1.5 million people, will need to find nearly one million new staff within the next decade.”

The figures are scary.

All credit to the ‘red top’ article in their online job focus piece, they offer a pretty comprehensive overview of what the role of a carer involves and warns about the anti-social hours that will be on rotas.

The following breakdown gives an insight to the current marketplace needs:

At Jobcentre Plus there are 22,348 jobs, ranging from care assistants and home carers to house parents and residential wardens.

“We [The Mirror] found a health-care assistant role in Inverness (from £14,238), a night-shift care assistant in North Shields (£6.56 per hour), a registered care manager in Coventry (£22,000 to £24,000) and a residential support worker in Leeds (£7.07 to £13.80).

“At fish4jobs.co.uk there are 2,939 jobs, such as care workers in ­Leicestershire (£7.16 to £10.25), a care manager in Leek, Staffs (£23,000), a care assistant in ­Buckinghamshire (£6.81) and a care manager in Enfield, North London (£26,000).

“At jobs.communitycare.co.uk we spotted 3,380 jobs, including 2,068 working with ­children and 993 with adults.

“These include children and family support workers in South East England (competitive), an assistant team manager in Hampshire (£30,195 to £33,984) and home-care support workers in Cambridge (£13,500 to £15,500). We found a further 3,294 jobs at gumtree.com/homecare-jobs, ranging from a home care support worker in Bristol (£10) to a live-in carer in Oxford (£400 to £550 a week).

“At Jobs jobsgopublic.com there are 460 vacancies, while lgjobs.com has 429. The NHS has 1,354 care roles, including a care facilitator in Oxford (£25,783 to £34,530). See also carejobfinder.org/jobs, which will put you in touch with employers in your area.”

Thousands of jobs and seemingly a general poor uptake response in the industry, well at least that’s my experience. Getting the right people is never easy.

I’m left asking why so many posts are difficult to fill. The answer? Because current funding from Government that is decanted into the private sector for local authorities to purchase care is chronically poor.

That reflects in pay rates and anyone who works in the sector will know that being a carer is jolly hard graft.

There are now more than 60,000 social-care apprentices working towards nationally recognised qualifications, says the Mirror and that’s good. But the industry will need more than training ‘teasers’ to get vacancies filled.

I’m not a fan of tabloid journalism, but the Mirror has done a fair job with this piece.


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