By Debbie le Quesne

Join me in care pledge as the NHS welcomes us in

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Yesterday was NHS Change Day – a chance for health workers to make personal but public pledges to improve and inspire patient experiences.

Similar to our Dignity Action Day event it has grown for a single day into a whole month of activity and now those who work in social care are being invited to take part – a clear recognition by the NHS that we have a key role to play.

You have until the end of the month to make a pledge.

It’s all part of working together, integration, making a difference and ultimately crafting a better care service. You can make your pledge until 31 March.

Managers, consultants, carers, doctors . . . anyone in ‘the loop’ of care is welcome to “write on the wall” http://changeday.nhs.uk/wall or go to the Face Book page http://www.facebook.com/NHSChangeDay

In 2013, more than 189,000 people made their own personal pledge to do something different to improve care. Last week, the 2014 total was already 280,000.

Reported in The Guardian online, pledges so far include someone who has committed to learn more and educate more nurses to improve patient safety and outcomes; elsewhere, someone is pledging to tidy their desk more often; a mental health expert wants to be more punctual at meetings and clinics, and a care home manager in Devon has pledged to redouble efforts to prevent avoidable admissions to hospitals for frail, older people.

It’s a new push to embrace social care, something else to do, but the psychology of commitment in a public forum can only achieve good outcomes.

Social care is key to the mapping integration of care streams and obviously, looking at the number of people already pledging, it strikes a chord.

Patients and service users are also being encouraged to take part.

So what’s my pledge? To continue to equip and support the private sector care providers I represent at WMCA to deliver care excellence and to take every opportunity to influence a national upgrading of the worth of social care.

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