By Debbie le Quesne

Here comes the bride . . . a happy reunion

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Olive and Ron Thelwell on

their wedding day

Residential care settings are an easy target. For mostly the wrong reasons our Press is often poor, so it’s wonderfully heartening to share this nugget of good news.

Olive and Ron Thelwell, husband and wife of over 60 years, have been reunited at a care home after their health needs forced them to live apart.

They were both placed in care setting in Crew and Ron regularly visited his wife. But the heartbreak of separation proved too much and Ron called on the help of The Elms CLS-run home to try and bring them together.

This is so sweet!

All credit to The Elms, they quickly established they could meet Olive’s care needs and “he asked her to move in with him.”

A wedding-themed party – complete with Big Day cake and lots of flowers – was organised by staff to make the occasion extra special.

Reported in the Care Industry News online magazine and the Crew Chronicle, Helen Clark, manager at The Elms, says: “We are delighted to have Ron and Olive living together again, and Olive seems extremely happy in her new home.

“Marriage is a very significant aspect within a person’s life and here at CLS we go to great lengths to try and uphold each resident’s wishes. Everyone has been touched by the happy story, which has sparked countless wedding and marriage reminiscences among the other residents.”

I know this should be a Friday story, but let’s have a bit of light relief a day earlier this week,

And finally . . . A big thank you to the Express & Star for publishing my letter praising the great response to the Dignity Action Day.


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