By Debbie le Quesne

Three rings monitoring app as old tech meets new

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I can recall my parents have their own kind of telephone code: Three rings – no need to answer – just to let you know we’re back safely.

Truth is, their ‘code’ was adopted by millions of others of an age when there were no mobile phones. Bow that same three rings messaging has been use to help families keep any eye on the elderly.

There’s a UK techno entrepreneur, Steve Purdham, whose made millions and he’s turned his attention to the apps care market for the elderly and vulnerable. It’s a great concept – simple (I can understand it) and user-friendly. So many monitoring systems on the cusp of remote caring are broadband based. This isn’t.

‘3rings’ links an elderly person’s landline to family members or friends, via an app, text message, or emails, to let them know they’re okay each day, or alert them if not.

Elderly users receive or make a call to the 3rings automated service using their traditional landline. This then automatically contacts the network of family or friends using an app, SMS, email or calls, to let them know they are OK each day.

Available online at 3rings.co.uk with free apps for iOS and Android, there are two paid-for services (£5.99/month and £9.99/month) and a free trial.

Quoted in NetImpreative, the geek paradise for new technology on the web, Steve explained: “We wanted to create a simple solution which answered the question, ‘are my ageing parents okay today?’

“3rings removes the need for installing any technical equipment into the home of the elderly relative, relying instead on the familiar telephone which makes it easy to use. 3rings then bridges to the internet to communicate to family members using apps, email or text – methods that are now commonplace across a family’s demographic.”

I haven’t a clue how this clever stuff works, but I love the idea of none-invasive monitoring.

There’s nothing new to learn for the user, old tech telephones are easy access for most elderly and a single three rings can let their loved-ones or friends know in their 3rings circle all is well. Alternatively. 3rings can put a call in to the person being monitored and then pass on the information.

If a call is missed a red alert goes out to the whole circle and when someone responds to check out the problem, the others are sent an amber alert letting them know a call-out inquiry is in progress.

This will never, nor is it intended to replace personal interaction with family and carers, but if technology can ease the worries let’s push the boundaries more.


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