By Debbie le Quesne

CQC: A new way of inspection

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The National Care Association has been fighting the corner for care providers as the regulators finalise details for their spring consultation on their new style of inspections.

Everything will be rolled out in the autumn, but until then we can only hope that the Commission is listening to what we have to say.

The NCA attended a “re-consultation workshop” to ensure that “the voice of the smaller independent sector” is heard.

Along with the National Care Forum and UKHCA, the national team challenged CQC to ensure that any proposed changes to inspection regimes were fair, proportionate and delivered equitably across the country and across provider types.

Already plenty of debate has been aired and in the mix with the care experts are the Royal College of Nursing and advocacy groups such as Age UK. Hopefully, our voices will be heard.

Under proposals so far the CQC inspectors will focus on five key areas, known as lines of enquiry (LOE). These are: Is an organisation Caring, Safe, Effective, Responsive and Well-led?

These enquiries will be judged taking into consideration personalisation, care, staffing, premises and equipment, quality and management, nutrition, health, involvement and infection control.

Central to everything is user engagement in designing the right framework for inspection and provider engagement is fundamental to improving quality, the workshop heard.

This all sounds good and a viable alternative to the tick-box inspections we currently go through.

I despise the ‘us and them’ culture that is so endemic regarding the relationship between CQC and care providers. Thankfully it is slowly changing. Let’s hope we can build on this with the inspection charter.

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