By Debbie le Quesne

Apps help to co-ordinate caring – simply a great concept

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I don’t belong to the generation fascinated by the latest tablet or mobile phone. Phones are a vast improvement on pigeon post and for my use are primarily for calls, texting and taking snaps.

Computers, of one kind or another appear to be surgically attached to me as work is just a keyboard away.

Technology is central to our lives and in the care sector is getting a broader platform daily. Everything from the latest Facebook app to recipe ideas can be found on someone’s tablet or phone.

So I was not in the least surprised to read that Carers UK has made a pioneering move into the app market with the launch of Jointly – a tool to help families manage care for loved ones alongside increasingly complex lives.

It gives patient profile details, messaging, medication regime and much more. It’s been created by carers for carers.

You can visit www.jointlyapp.com or download the app for free and access a user guide and a list of questions and answers.

You can purchase a Jointly circle with a one-off payment of £2.99 either through the Apple or Google Play stores or at www.jointlyapp.com. This allows for care group networking.

The technology baffles me, but as a working tool I’m already on the hook. Jointly offers an easy information stream among an invited circle of helpers and carers and helps co-ordinate tasks.

Across the UK there are 6.5 million carers – half juggling care with work and a third caring for older relatives alongside raising children.

We live with geographical and time availability issues and it’s no different for those trying to organise care between family, friends and professionals. It’s called distant caring or sandwich caring and I can see a huge benefit in embracing this technology so that everyone, at all times, is kept in the loop with a shared calendar of duties.

Technology will never replace hands-on care, but I’ll help promote support all I can – goodness knows, it’s needed more than ever.

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