By Debbie le Quesne

Lillie, 93, unwraps the extraordinary on an ordinary day

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I have long said there is a wealth of rich experience to be found in the elderly, but you need to take some time to discover the gems.

It’s Friday, no doubt Chris Evans of Radio 2 will be ecstatic at the prospect, and I just wanted something light to scribble my thoughts around.

Yesterday I found the lovely story of a care home resident in Northwich that’s perfect for Friday musings.

In the columns of the online magazine Care Industry News is the tale about Lillie Lambert, now 93.

Here is a woman recalling her days in the Land Army during the last world war, telling of her favourite bull, ‘Bully’ and her work with the Red Cross.

The story begins: “It was just a normal day at Crossways care home . . .” and then suddenly it’s changed by Lillie’s remarkable revelations.

The inspiring resident went on to tell staff how she too was in the care industry working as a nurse and then later as a nursing consultant (bet she keeps the staff on their toes).

She retired aged 80. “It was only when I went out dancing one evening and broke my arm that it made me think of retiring. If I hadn’t done, I may still be working now and I’m 93,” Lillie says in the report.

Lillie’s revelations transformed the day for staff and other residents, with many more sharing their own memories of the Land Army.

It was just a normal day . . . and an elderly lady changed it into something wonderfully special, it made me smile and although the West Midlands Care Association has nothing to do with this particular home, I felt uplifted by the narrative.

It’s a reminder that so many of our elderly have the ability to enrich our ordinary days with extraordinary moments and often all they need is for us to listen.

Have a good weekend!

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