By Debbie le Quesne

Jail for care bosses a clear message from judge

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We all know pressure sores are the proverbial hot potato and grade three or above have to reported to both CQC and safeguarding.

Regrettably, sometimes they are unavoidable and a paper trail of comprehensive notes is sufficient to satisfy inspections.

I just don’t get it though when the owner and manager of a nursing home deliberately neglect their responsibilities, resulting in pressure sores of residents.

Just how can these people be so callous to four vulnerable residents?

Widower Philip Bentley, aged 65, of Woodthorpe Drive, Wakefield, and married mum Faheza Simpson, 49, of Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, were found guilty after a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard weeks of evidence about under-staffing and a lack of resources at the home.

Bentley was convicted on three neglect charges relating to three women aged 78, 81 and 85.

Both were sentenced to 12 months in prison over their lack of at the Elm View home on Huddersfield Road, Halifax, in 2011.

Simpson was also found guilty on a further neglect offence relating to a 68-year-old man who developed a serious pressure sore after being at the home for a week’s respite care.

Bradford Crown Court heard evidence of one elderly woman lying in a urine-soaked bed and the Judge Jonathan Rose branded the home’s manager Simpson a liar and bully.

He added that Bentley had put saving money over the welfare of elderly and vulnerable patients.

There were fundamental failures in record keeping, a resident’s file hidden, insufficient cleaning materials, attempted cover-ups and a lack of regular turning of residents and toileting for at-risk residents.

A lack of basic materials such as wipes meant that staff used the residents’ own underwear to clean them and one woman was left wearing the same incontinence pad for 13 hours.

Does anyone feel as upset as I do as I write this piece?

This kind of rogue care does huge damage to the industry and too right, this cruel couple do deserve custodial sentences.

The judge said Bentley and his late wife had bought Elm View as a business proposition, but he suspected that by 2011 Bentley’s had lost interest in the project.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Rose said: ‘’The punishment I impose is also intended to send out the message that those who are entrusted with the care of vulnerable people, in this case the elderly, infirm and unable to speak out or otherwise look after themselves, have a duty under the criminal law to achieve a high and proper standard of care and to maintain that system in every respect at all times.’’

Indeed these sentences do send out a clear message, but how sad it is in these enlightened times there is a need to do it.

I can only hope the year ahead is not littered with such heartrending stories.



Written by debbielq

January 3, 2014 at 1:04 pm

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