By Debbie le Quesne

Community gets special focus from CQC

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is to inspect more health services provided in the community, including those brought to the home, so says their latest information bulletin.

Inspections will be carried out by larger teams which will spend more time visiting services, according to the Commission’s update.

Plans are set out in A fresh start for the regulation and inspection of community health care, published the week before Christmas.

The timing of this release makes me suspicious, but so far there seems to be nothing sinister I can spot. Let’s hope nothing nasty creeps out of the woodwork was the inspections begin.

With more and more health services functioning in the community it is hardly surprising we have this new approach.

CQC says inspection teams will consist of specialists in the different streams of care will be sent out and key to inspections will be the clients whose views will be form a major pillar of the process. All good.

This means looking at issues such as access to services beyond office hours, the effectiveness of care and support for people living at home, preventing people from being admitted and re-admitted to hospital, the quality of long-term conditions management, the quality of integrations across health and care services, and the sharing on medical records across the system.

The inspectorate will now include district nurses, community nurses, health visitors, allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, GPs, paediatricians, directors and managers, as well as those who are expert by experience.

The new CQC approach will doubles need shedloads of money, which surprisingly doesn’t seem to be an issue here to rollout out this model.

I am heartened that after an initial push inspection practices will be reviewed.

The community healthcare scope will include:

• District nursing

• Health visiting

• School nursing

• Community rehabilitation

• Community therapist

• Specialist nursing services for people with long-term conditions

• Hospital at home services

• End-of-life care delivered at home

• Specialist community dental services.

Regulation and inspection of community health care is available on CQC’s web site

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