By Debbie le Quesne

Drink, drink, drink – spread the work and make a headline

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Afternoon Tea across the world will epitomise good nutrition and hydration for Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014

Drin, drink drink, I hear, and we’re not talking about the substance that’s inclined to make us a little tipsy.

Already the Press notices are out for Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014 (17-23 March 2014).

And this important message is the same every year – the need to “raise awareness and improve understanding of the vital importance of good nutrition and hydration.”

The focal national event and highlight of the week will be a Worldwide Afternoon Tea on Wednesday 19 March.  Service providers in both health and social care settings are invited to share Afternoon Tea with those entrusted to their care, no matter where they care for them, demonstrating a united effort and commitment to improving nutrition and hydration.

Supporters of Nutrition & Hydration Week in other countries have been invited

The three leading organisations of Nutrition & Hydration Week 2014 – Patient Safety First (PSF), Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and National Association of Care Catering (NACC) – are urging social and health care providers to serve afternoon tea to service users and visitors where appropriate.

From a nutrition and hydration perspective, Afternoon Tea clearly supports the ‘three meals and two snacks a day’ message.

Is this an opportunity for my members to stage an event and get some publicity? You bet it is.

Remember: Think in pictures, who, what, where and when. Let’s stand on this platform and make a headline or two.


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