By Debbie le Quesne

Good news on National Care Home Open Day

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I’ve just got some figures for this year’s first National Care Home Open Day – the event which offered the public to take a real-life look at what residential care is all about

More than 2,500 care homes across the country collectively opened their doors to the public for the first ever event of its kind on June 21.

Run by a group of leading care providers and associations, the National Care Home Open Day aimed to connect care homes with their local communities, challenge misconceptions about residential care and show local people the excellent services that are at the heart of their community.

It was, and still is, a fantastic tool in re-educating the general public about the good work we all do.

The open day allowed people to see for themselves the level of care available to their loved ones. It also provided a great opportunity to invite members of local communities across the country to consider becoming a volunteer in their local care home.

Dozens of MPs visited care homes across the country, including prominent frontbenchers such as Michael Gove and Douglas Alexander.

The initiative achieved great media coverage for all the right reasons and if you should want a reason for joining in next time around, this single thing should be good enough.

I admit that changing preconceptions is always going to be a slow burn, but at least some 2,500 lit the torch.

Baroness Bakewell, National Care Home Open Day Ambassador, was reported in Caring Times as saying: ”The National Care Home Open Day was an important event to participate in. It was a great opportunity for people to see the range of care services at the heart of their communities.

”Care homes, and most importantly the residents who live there, are an invaluable part of our communities. The National Care Home Open Day helped to connect the residents and staff with their local communities.”

To learn more visit: http://www.nationalcarehomeopenday.org.uk/

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