By Debbie le Quesne

Public to be consulted over major shift in care

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Proposed changes to adult social care are to be discussed at an open consultation Skipton on Thursday.

As reported in the Craven Herald and Pioneer, North Yorkshire County Council is proposing a review of its eligibility criteria for social care, “bringing it into line with the majority of other local authorities in the country.”

It is also proposing changing the amount people pay for community-based social care for adults – nothing new here.

Significantly, Councillor Clare Wood, executive member for adult social care, is reported as saying: “The changes upon which we want to consult the public are things which in an ideal world we would prefer not to have to make.

“But we are obliged to live in the real world, and very significant financial savings are required of the council as the Government tackles the economic deficit.”

The council’s proposal to raise the threshold for social care intervention from “moderate needs” to “substantial needs” would bring the county in line with 87 per cent of local authorities in England.

What I find particularly interesting is that this local authority is brave enough to hold a public meeting. No doubt it will be heated, but the stab at transparency is to be praised.

I suspect there ought to be many more of these kind of gatherings as more and more the austerity measures takes their toll.

Councillor Wood also is quoted as saying: “We should also remember that the Government is proposing a national minimum threshold similar to the current ‘substantial’ threshold within the next few years in any case.”

Has this been made public by Government? I don’t think so, do you?

All credit to the councilor for letting this out of the bag.

On a Monday morning, fresh from a break, I wish had better news. Let’s start the day with my tin hat on – it’s already shaping up nicely.

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