By Debbie le Quesne

Fancy a brew? It’s all in a good cause.

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I’ve just been reminded that charity Independent Age which tackles older people’s poverty and loneliness, is holding The Big Tea event next month.

The befriending organisation has been running the fundraiser since 2010 where funds are boosted by doing something we all love to do – enjoying a cuppa with friends.

This year, to celebrate Independent Age’s 150th anniversary, a target of £20,000 has been set to make this the biggest and best Big Tea ever.

How does it work? Just request a Big Tea pack (see http://www.independentage.org/support-us/raise-money/the-big-tea), then arrange a date, invite some friends and encourage people to make a donation for their tea.

That’s all there is to it!

You can take your Big Tea any way you like: at home with friends or neighbours, in the office with colleagues or in a different setting altogether – it’s totally up to you!

Hoe does The Big Tea make a difference?

£20 will pay for a grab rail to make steps safe for an older person to get out of their house to visit friends

£50 helps towards the cost of providing specialised advice. service

£150 enables provision of an emergency grant for essential repairs making a cooker safe to use, or replacing a broken boiler.

£250 funds telephone befriending groups to enable isolated older people to socialise with others on a regular basis.

Anyone fancy a brew? Big Tea Week runs 1-7 0ctober.


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