By Debbie le Quesne

‘Homesharer’ care model breaks the mould

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Crossroads Care do an invaluable job and they are certainly worth promoting at every opportunity.

So in the immortal words of comperes, master of ceremonies and cheesy game-show hosts: “It give me great pleasure to introduce” one of their most creative projects – Homeshare.

The concept behind the scheme is simple. The ‘homesharer’ volunteers 10 hours of support a week (be it cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.) and the homeowner provides a spare room in their home to accommodate them.

The first Homeshare-type scheme was started in the US and expanded to the UK in 1993 as a pilot project in Kensington and Chelsea, Carte Industry News reports.

It was such a success that the scheme was expanded to other London boroughs. Crossroads Care Central & North London has been running the scheme in and around London for about 10 years and has recently seen a surge in interest.

With soaring rents many students and young professionals are struggling to afford rental rates in London while some home owners are finding themselves living alone and needing support.

O many of these alone-at-home people are understandably reluctant to hire full-time carers or move into care homes. So a bit of creative thought has brought two needs together and provided a solution.


This kind of care support is a major cultural shift from the norm, but with ever-increasing restraints on funding, it’s one of a number of solutions . . . Yes, it does seem adversity really is the mother of invention.


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