By Debbie le Quesne

Time has come for a minister for older people

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David Cameron has the power and opportunity to appoint a dedicated minister for older people, but will he?

Judging by the current from, possibly not.

A Lords Committee report on demographic change – it sounds terribly boring but it’s not – was published in March and warned that society was “woefully under-prepared” for the impact that a rapid increase in the number of over 65s will have.

Most of us had hoped that the government response would see a new cabinet post to represent that people group.

But the response was vague, with the government saying its wide-reaching reforms would, in due course, address the challenges.”

The response should have been more robust. Mr Cameron should be looking to tackle such issues as the massive funding shortfall for social care, housing and health programmes for the elderly.

I keep reading of the ticking time bomb of  demographic change, but there’s no bomb squad in sight.

Is there really no commitment to address the problems of the elderly and the ageing society?

The Guardian adds weight to the emerging problem saying: “Worrying projections on public spending as a result of demographic change were also unveiled by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR).

“The implications for public finances highlighted by OBR chair Robert Chote reinforce the stark pressures we are dealing with: by 2060, the UK will be spending £80bn more per year on services such as healthcare, pensions and social care.”

Complex social care needs, budget restrictions and failing pensions and investment, all add their own pressures.

The BBC brought to our attention in June that MPs wanted a cabinet appointment to represent the elderly. Our older people are all too often the unintended victims of policy makers.


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