By Debbie le Quesne

Dementia guide ‘first’ published

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A year ago an all-party parliamentary group commissioned to study the far-reaching issues of dementia published the Unlocking Diagnosis report.

A year on and as a direct result of its shocking findings, a new booklet to help guide people diagnosed with dementia and their carers was launched yesterday by Alzheimer’s Society.

The guide, a first of its kind, offers advice to help people come to terms with their diagnosis and plan ahead.

I was appalled to discover that the all-party report found that many people said ‘nothing’ happened after the initial diagnosis.

The guide will also offer GPs and psychiatrists the opportunity to provide people with dementia carers at the point of diagnosis.

How good is this!

Whilst diagnosis rates are increasing, some doctors still appear reluctant to diagnose the disease, Currently, more than 50 per cent (428,000) of people living with dementia still do not have a formal diagnosis.

The dementia guide, has been part-funded by the Department of Health.

It tackles the emotional impact of a diagnosis and drug regimes, ande; signposts services available.

The guide is available free of charge and to order visit alzheimers.org.uk/dementiaguide  or phone 0300 303 5933.

NHS professionals should order direct from NHS England’s Health and Social Care Publications Orderline (using product code 872).

A raft of advice on how to navigate the help systems is included, including financial support.

Diagnosis of dementia is truly daunting and the disease’s progression challenging. Please make use of this invaluable free tool.

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