By Debbie le Quesne

Crossroads – snapshots to make us think

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I have recently been emailed some pictures from Crossroads in Lower Wick, Worcester.

The Caring for Carers support body attended a fete in Bromsgrove where supporters ran a tombola stall. It’s all so very English, isn’t it? We even have the right kind of weather for such events at the moment.

Crossroads, a national network, employs 5,000 trained professionals helping more than 35,000 people. The professional organisation, which is also a charity, offers a huge raft of support services for to help carers and those who have disabilities or health conditions.

Periodically I work alongside a journalist who has this service into his home. He applauds their commitment to look after his disabled wife, but more importantly, they understand he needs ‘head space’ and the opportunity to work.

The snapshots that tumbled into my email basket were a timely reminder that some six million people in the UK care for someone. Many reach a crossroads, where other agencies have to intervene as the care becomes too demanding.

As a society we are big on tailoring care packages to keep those who need such services at home and I fully support that ethos. Crossroads really does put care into action, enabling both carers and those who need care to continue to live side by side.

I know so many people have lives enriched because of their work in the HOPES project – Helping Older People Escape Solitude.

As care professional we all like to feel we ‘do our bit’. Just writing this blog, musing about the frailty of life and reflecting on the work of Crossroads makes me feel I’m not doing enough.

I know the though is irrational. But equally I know too, this not-for-profit organisation is worthy of a greater profile and certainly of financial support.

Interestingly, Roger Garland, the Worcestershire Crossroads manager, who emailed me, said in his note to me that although a few pounds were raised for the charity, the “main purpose was to make people aware of the services we office.”

Yes, people do need to know you are there for them. To that end, I hope this blog helps the cause.

Enjoy the weekend. Sunny weather to continue.

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