By Debbie le Quesne

Cavendish: Hey, social care already has training in place!

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There’s something been bugging me ever since the new Cavendish report broke into the news headlines.

It says that health care assistants in hospital will need to do some training, so that everyone is clear what their professional abilities are.

This also appears to apply to care workers in social care settings.

At the risk of ploughing ground I’ve already blogged about yesterday, I’s like to point out that many of our social care workers are already locked into a training model –  NVQ2 – now rebranded as QCF.

They also have to undergo other mandatory training, manual handling, infection prevention, first aid, health and safety, and dementia training too, if their clients have this diagnosis.

Cavendish has also been talking about the costs of care in the community and how travel implications, where staff are not paid for journey times between calls, effectively puts their rate of pay against time below the minimum wage.

In difficult times, most providers are having to fight for each piece of business and frankly, what they are being paid, is not enough to cover the costs.

Add to the mix that local authorities are demanding very short call times and the financial landscape looks even bleaker.

It’s a sad, but true fact that many believe care business owners are making a fortune. In the majority of cases that’s simply not the case. Successive years of pegged, or marginal increases in fees continue to take their toll . . . and will do in the future.

Has the country enough money to fund our social care bills? Probably. Is there a political will to make it happen? I really don’t think so.

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