By Debbie le Quesne

Old rockers never die – they raise money for charity

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Never underestimate our elderly. They are really are more that what they first seem and to prove they’re giving modern pop stars a run for their money with a charity single.

The Anchor Community Band’s “See Yourself” challenges perceptions of old age. Monies raised will go to Contact The Elderly to help combat the loneliness felt by more than a million older people today.

Some 350 older people from across the country have been involved in writing and recording it with the oldest band member a spritely 96 years.

Busting stereotypes, research from older people’s care and housing provider Anchor found that one in five over 55s (21 per cent) regularly download music to listen to on their MP3 player and nearly half (47 per cent) usually buy their music online.

Three quarters (74 per cent) of over 55s said they like hearing about new music and almost a third (31 per cent) surf the net to find out about new tunes. This is brilliant!

I love it when the elderly defy the stereotypes too many people hold about them.

The Anchor Community Band single has already hit number 3 in the Amazon CD singles chart and has drummed up support from celebrities including Sir Terry Wogan, Linda Robson, Shane Ritchie, Coleen Nolan, Fiona Phillips, Carol McGiffin and Tony Robinson.

Taking inspiration from their own musical heroes, band members including trumpet player David Speedy, 70, and wife Denise, 69, are angling for pop success. David and Denise live at Anchor’s Martham Court in Harpenden and have been married for 49 years.

Reported in Care Industry News online, Grandmother Denise said: “I first started singing at the age of ten in school and then joined a church choir. We both used to perform on the hotel and club circuit together in the Midlands and we’ve even played in a band with the whole family – our children are really proud of our involvement with the band, as are we.

“We feel very proud that we have contributed to a record which will hopefully raise lots of money for a worthwhile charity. We’re reliving our music dreams.”

Jane Ashcroft, Anchor’s Chief Executive, said: “The Anchor Community Band celebrates the positive aspects of ageing and challenges stereotypes and misconceptions in a fun way. We know that music is extremely important for many older people and the band has come together to show that older people can do anything that younger people can do.”

Catch the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVENdMcfa-w it’s just brilliant!

The single is available to buy from Amazon as a CD (‪http://amzn.to/12MhgdG) or iTunes (‪http://bit.ly/11kpUMx).


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