By Debbie le Quesne

Hi-tech ‘tablets’ ready for memory-loss residents

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What could be better? Well, plenty I suspect, but I’m attempting to be upbeat as we head for the end of the week.

Innovation in the care sector is needed at all levels as we all try to make less go further. Problem is, the magic doesn’t always work, so anything that promises to ease burdens interest me.

I stumbled on a UK app development by Recogneyes Choices designed to make communication easier with dementia patients.

It features areas to make and record choices, dislikes and favourites in a way that does not rely on memory or word recall, making it an ideal tool for those working with people who have dementia.

Development has been on-going for a year and the outcome is based on both established and new research by experts in the UK, Australia and the US.

The app displays images clearly to allow choices to be selected, stored and shared. Categories cover everyday needs such as food, clothing and objects, as well as others which are medical.

With over 800,000 people diagnosed with the disease in the UK, the app fills a gap in a growing market by providing a simple interface to both improve communication and increase a sense of control for sufferers and carers.

I love the concept, but we all know the care sector still lags light years behind the rest of the world in the uptake of technology.

Perhaps one of the most useful setting for this tool is in the home. A large percentage of people with dementia are cared for at home by multiple family members and visiting carers.

The ability to access profile information will, I’m sure, be a fantastic help to visiting clinicians and carers.

The app comes with a Pro version aimed at care homes and  a Word Training module designed to help with memory.

Suddenly getting the tablets ready for the residents takes on a whole new meaning.

Have a good weekend.


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