By Debbie le Quesne

Dilnot care cost capping: Is this the action we have been seeking?

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Later today David Cameron’s government is expected to announce that it will be responding to the Dilnot proposals, according Care Industry Today News and other publications.

It is expected to change the rules on charging for social care in England abd media suggestions are that a capping figure of £75,000 on costs will be introduced.

 and a raising of the means test threshold limit to £100,000. There are mixed reports about when the changes would come into force.

Quoted in Care Industry Today, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, says: “This commitment to cap social care costs and raise the means test threshold is a triumph for the thousands of campaigners demanding changes.

“Many families face a ‘Dementia Tax’, paying tens of thousand of pounds for care that results from a medical condition. But the devil will be in the detail. The government and opposition must provide clarity and a timetable as soon as possible so people know how to plan for care costs now.

“These changes will help people in the future but we strongly urge the government to look at how to cap the costs for people paying huge sums for care today.

“We also call on all political parties to tackle the separate but related challenge of making sure that there is enough funding in the care system to provide access to good quality care for people at the right time. Ministers in Wales and Northern Ireland must also act to ensure that people there have the prospect of a better deal too.”

Be assured, I’ll be watching developments very closely.


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