By Debbie le Quesne

Am I out of step with the scary new trend?

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I wrote recently of the German solution for a growing, frail and elderly population – export the problem.

It’s been interesting following up the viral response to this news. Here are a few:


“In Paris, they just dump inconvenient old people outside hospitals whilst the family go on holiday in August.”


“Having the option is fine. Compelling people to do it as they can’t afford care in their own country, where they’ve worked and paid taxes, isn’t.

“A measure of a civilised society is how it treats it’s old and sick. We in Britain, along with many other countries are failing in many respects here all in the name of the market.”


“The reason Germany is in trouble with its old folk is that care cannot really be automated, unlike other, more industrial, processes. German labour is expensive and people are living longer.”


“Britain spends money abroad like a bottomless pit, annually. We fight wars in the far east for their oil.

We spend billions a week in the EU.

Yet our elderly people are a burden.????????????”


“I think that is the crux on this issue. If they are genuinely happy with their situation and are treated well, then naturally why not.

But what about the presumably large number of people that would not be happy leaving friends, family and a life they have known?

One size fits all doesn’t fit on this particular policy. I for one wouldn’t care, but there are many that would.”


And so it goes on, and on and on . . . in the feedback to The Guardian piece.


It leaves me concerned that the German trend has not made bigger headlines. Perhaps it’s really okay and I’m the one out of step here.




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