By Debbie le Quesne

All quiet, but Ms Rippon’s campaign is still in full flight

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Okay, we know the fat man with a red suit is getting his sleigh ready for the 25th, but why have the care sector movers and shakers all gone quiet?

I have scoured the heavyweights, red-tops and internet . . . and yes, you’re right, for the first time I’m struggling to blog about anything worthwhile.

So now it’s perhaps a good time to mention my admiration of Angela Rippon’s sterling work as an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Somehow, this genius of PR, she steered an interview in a national newspaper about her remarkable and famous pins to promote the work of the society.

The Daily Express carried an article yesterday which trumpeted the need to geek your legs in good order. After Rippon’s famous leggy moment with Morecambe and Wise on their 1976 Christmas Show I can think of no-one better to lead the charge for keeping active longer.

But it’s the other stuff in the interview that grips my attention: The passion she possesses for people to understand the insidious symptoms of dementia.

She made public a long time ago her journey caring for her mother Edna, a challenging dementia sufferer.

In the latest interview, she recalled the capricious changes in moods and how aggressive behavior would be forgotten in a moment.

Rippon wants to spread understanding through the Dementia Friendly Communities Initiative – a champion group formed to establish what needs to be done to make our communities more dementia friendly.

Its work is stunning and worthy of a Google search.

In the Express interview it conclude with an alarming statistic. Studies show that dementia patients spend an average of 28 extra days in hospital because they are often misunderstood, unable to feed themselves, become dehydrated and are often agitated.

Ker-ching! Average cost of hospitalisation: £250 a day.

Keep up the good work Angela Rippon!


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