By Debbie le Quesne

Building bridges, changing perceptions – a step in the right direction

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 The care industry has built its own vocabulary – phrases like assisted living, challenging behavior, elderly mentally ill – the list is endless.

And then there are specific words: Transparency, integrity and dignity . . .

Can we sum up all of these in a single word? I believe so: Trust and it’s that very commodity that is lacking in those seeking our services.

And they have good reason to be wary. There have been some shocking high-profile cases that have invaded our living rooms on the TV headlines.

So I was thrilled to read of an initiative in The Guardian to show the world and its wife there is still an awful lot of good care being delivered.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the image problem of the industry – we have attracted media interest for all the wrong reasons.

I am cautious of be quoted and I understand people don’t want to raise their profiles for fear of being misrepresented.

But I hail the decision to hold a UK-wide Good Care Week on 21 June 2013.

The aim is to encourage communities to go into their local care homes and to connect residents and communities together.

It is open to any care home, regardless of whether it is council run or independent and homes are free to put on any activities they think will draw in their local community.

Please, please catch the spirit of this.

Some homes will, of course, need to do nothing to impress except to carry on doing what they do daily.

This is great opportunity to change mindsets.

“We are looking forward to dispelling some of the myths about residential care and showing local people what excellent services are at the heart of their community,” Jane Ashcroft is chief executive of the Anchor care group wrote in The Guardian.


The other initiative is Good Care Week. It will take place in the week beginning 22 April 2013 and planned for each year thereafter.

The week will run as an awareness campaign celebrating and promoting excellence in social care and will bring together social care workforces, customers and families – encouraging them to sign up to the campaign and become advocates for the care industry.

“The most important way in which we can be transparent though is to listen to and act on what our customers say. It is for this reason we’re also a part of Your Care Rating, another new initiative led by care home and home care providers, and a landmark moment for the care industry,” added Ms Ashcroft.

Some 46,000 care home residents in 850 homes are being asked for their views on the care they receive. An independent anonymous survey allows residents to rate their care home in a range of areas; including activities, privacy, security, food, outdoor areas, staff, whether they are happy at the home and whether they would recommend it. The results will be published in early 2013.

These finding will provide an opportunity to deliver a more client-centric package of caring and should not be viewed as spying.

We want our Government to be brave in adopting a new care model. We want compassionate leadership and direction from our political leaders. Let’s seize this initiative and show them how it’s done.


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November 7, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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