By Debbie le Quesne

National Care Association Conference highlights

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and care services minister Norman Lamb are to be presented with a White Paper about qualities that are needed to make a good Care Manager in a move to improve his knowledge of first-line care in the industry.

And the West Midlands Care Association has been privileged, along with others within the industry to make a contribution.

The document, being drafted by Sheila Scott the National Association’s Chief Executive and Nadia Ahmend OBE the body’s Chairman, want to inform government ministers exactly what is required in good care managers and why the industry is struggling to find enough of them.

As part of the paper’s process I took part in a brain-storming session while attending the National Care Association Conference – a timely diary date which has given some insight what other regional association are doing and what is on the agenda for the national body.

The Quality Manager/Care Quality Provider session was particularly productive, despite the original speaker unfortunately being taken into hospital. A subject close to my heart, there was chance for discussion and a brain-storming session which will be fed into the White Paper document.

Critically, is was unanimously agreed that quality care come about only through a capable and inspirational manager.

During the discussions we listed on four sheets of flip chart the key elements of care management. Among the listings were the need to be empathic, to have a good leadership skills set, to be assertive and thick-skinned. There was nothing new here, but seeing the extensive catalogue of skills required to run a home or care service reminded me just how big a job the undertaking is.

We did of course have a discussion on the way Local Authorities all around the country are using Safeguarding as a complaints procedure.

We also discussed the fact that there is no incentive for the Safeguarding teams to complete a case – a worrying issue.

I have no problem with investigations of referrals, but we need the focus to be on the particular offending incident and not for cases to be overblown and kept open for two years while trying to get managers to comply with the way investigating teams see fit to run businesses.

These complexities and what is believed the way forward are also heading back to Messrs Hunt and Lamb.

The other speaker, which you will be interested to know about, was Dame Denise Platt CBE.

She has been asked to be the Independent Sector’s Better Regulation Champion and goodness knows we need one.

The former head of CQC has been asked to take on ‘The Red Tape Challenge’ in a kind of   gamekeeper-turned-poacher role. Her own thought is that the task is more a ‘gamekeeper turned hunter’ engagement.

The Government has made it clear that all t Care Regulations need to be scrutinised and should only be kept in place if there is a good reason.

You will have a chance to go on the website and have your say about each regulation. Remember, using this tool your comments can be viewed by others, but a private email system will also be an option.

In similar reviews, we were told, some 50 per cent of regulation changes, were merged or scraped.

Here’s an opportunity to have our say. Let’s take it, or we’ll have no rights to grumble. The Association will ensure you have the link to the web site as soon as it is available and we will discuss the matter more at our meetings.

Also in the spotlight were local contracting arrangements about Continuing Health Care and the thorny issues of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding. Again costings were central to discussion, but the general counsel was that “we need to ensure or experience and voice is heard.”

Although the national players will not be looking at other regulators within the sector, ie Health and Safety Fire etc, they will be passing on any worthy comments made about them to ministers.

After engaging the London conference, I now feel I can leave the national agenda to the national people, whom our Association is proud to support, and get back the West Midlands . . . which motorway was it home?

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October 28, 2012 at 9:15 am

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