By Debbie le Quesne

Code of conduct for training?

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Skills for Care and Skills for Health are looking at introducing a code of conduct and minimum training standards for care workers and adult social workers.

The two bodies have been jointly commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) to create a ‘fit for purpose’ code.

And they will also decide on a minimum training standard that will help ensure workers are supported in delivering safe and effective care.

The aim is simple: To, as carehome,co.uk posted, “identify the standards of training and practice required for adult social care workers working in support of health and social care professionals, independently, for CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered residential care providers or as domiciliary care workers in England.”

Martin Green, chief executive of English Community Care Association (ECCA), chair of Care Providers Alliance and DH independent sector dementia champion was quoted as saying: “The social care workforce needs more recognition and the development of minimum training standards and a code of conduct is an essential building block for improving the professional status of social care workers.

“I am really pleased that Skills for Care and Skills for Health are developing this project and I would urge all care providers to engage with it, and to voice their views on this important issue.”

Views? Oh yes, they want us to have our say and you can do it confidence. Go to http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/about-us/consultations/minimum-standards-consultation/

The proposals are to be lauded. It always good to raise the bar knowing that our more vulnerable members of society should get a better deal. But along with many with whom I work, I know only too well that excellence in care is as much a heart thing as it is a training issue.

My other concern is the old chestnut of cost. Who is paying for the training and will this be another burden for the care providers to shoulder? How much more financial drain can they take with margins at most homes cut to the bone?

It’s wholly good to offer as much training as we can, but if it is rigorously policed, as this appears to imply with an approved “register”, then aren’t we creating yet another tier of regulation in what must be the most regulated industry in the UK.

Consultation on the proposed standards and minimum training requirements is taking place across both the health and social care sectors. I’m sure we’ll have something to say, but I’ll take counsel from the board first.

Feedback is being sought from patients, the public and service users, support workers, carers, commissioners, employers, professional bodies and providers.

The feedback from the consultation may be used by a body (or bodies) wishing to establish a voluntary register(s) for healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England as part of its standards for inclusion on a register.


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