By Debbie le Quesne

White Paper – hopes and fears

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Three main goals have been identified by The English Community Care Association (ECCA) that it would like addressed in the pending White Paper on social care.

Chief executive Martin Green is reported as defining quality and efficiency, personalization, and the promotion of independence as the key areas needing attention.

Reported online by carehome.uk, Mr Green says: “We want to see radical reform which integrates under one budget, health and social care, and which makes sure the necessary funding is in place, used efficiently and directed to the services that promote well being and high quality care and support in accordance with people’s wishes.”

He adds: “We want to replace the current fear and confusion around the social care system with a pride and positivity about the future both for those needing care and support and their families and those who work in social care, in conjunction with health housing and leisure services.”

Reform is essential, with the WMCA seeing huge changes in recent years. It is so critical that the Government get this right as our ageing population increases and their social care needs grow.

For me, the biggest single issue is realistic funding levels and a workable mechanism to put them in place. Ultimately, budget will dictate every level of care for all vulnerable people groups. We all know change is needed, but I know too, that there is an awful lot of apprehension as anther raft of ‘modernisation ‘ is about to start its journey though Parliament.


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June 12, 2012 at 8:40 am

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